Civilian Complaints


Are you experiencing Direct Energy(Body), Neuro(Head), Acoustic(Ear) weapons attacks, REPORT it by emailing us at:

This AGENCY is currently taking a NATIONAL COUNT of VICTIMS harassed and/or attacked by Criminal Users of Direct Energy Weapons, including:

  • Voice To Skull
  • Neuro Weapons
  • Acoustic Devices & Weapons, etc.

in the United State of America.

Why file a report?

  • To create a record of complaint. Date, time and place.
  • You help Enable other ongoing investigations in “identifying where” these remote harassments and/or assaults in specific areas, towns, cities, states, etc.

So you are no longer alone, now you have DEW Agency (DEW Police) addressing the safety of American citizens.

The purpose of DEW Police is to help EXPEDITE response and action when these types of crimes are reported.

PICK 1 of the 2 options to REPORT ATTACKS
1) Download and complete form below 👇 then email to:

OR 2) COPY, PASTE, questions below then answer then email to

  • Your name
  • Date of birth (FBI filing requirements)
  • State
  • Address:
  • Tel#
  • Email:
  • Does this VICTIM know who it is?
  • Who is He, She or They?
  • Type of attacks:
  • How long?
  • ”BRIEF” description:

MEDICAL TESTS – can help some prove that they are being REMOTELY harassed & tortured. Toxicology tests will show if Victim has any chemicals in their system. These are good to start with as if evidence is found it’s then good to move onto further tests. Also the labs include advice as to how to detox. If no evidence is found it gives peace of mind, not all victims obtain evidence from the medical tests. They are home kits sent out to your address via FedEx. They are either hair or urine samples. The urine samples need to be frozen over night & mailed back the next day.

You will receive your results via email after 1-2 weeks. We ask that you email us your results to add to your reports or you can keep it confidential until investigations begin.

Do not tell LABS why you need it or about your personal situation.

  1. Hair Toxic & essential elements $112 (Metals) 
  2. GPL TOX profile 173 non metal chemicals $349 (Chemicals)

You ARE NOT obligated to use their services. We DO NOT get a referral fee from this company. Other Victims have personally used their services.